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Of the several applications CTLift offers to reduce lifting cost, primary is the use of CT as production string in “trouble wells”, especially those wells encountering frequent fishing jobs and pump change-outs.


Therefore, CTLift may “well” be your solution for reducing lifting costs stemming from these problems. After all, not only do the repairs themselves become costly, but the well’s resulting downtime during repair is also an additional expense in itself. 

A secondary application of CTLift technology is for Slim Hole wells, either to de-water gas wells, or to produce oil co-mingling from various pay zones.

CTLift offers a third capability -that is, to recover semi-abandoned wells, for which casing integrity and environmental regulations stall production. By re-casing these wells with production tubing (thus converting the original well into a Slim Hole), CTLift offers an alternative that can return these wells to production.


CTLift not only brings troubled wells back to life, but can also boast a proven record of such wells having subsequently remained trouble-free as a result of our company’s technology.


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