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CTAmericas / CT Lift Systems Applications

The following is the list of applications using CT as pumping string.

In regular wells
  • To save energy

  • To minimize fishing jobs

  • To minimize downtimes

  • To eliminate polished rod and fishing parted polished rod

  • To minimize /eliminate all the above

In problem wells
  • To solve paraffin and asphaltene associated problems

  • Convey inhibitors supplied by CTLift

  • To solve problems associated with high sand content in production fluid

In Slim Hole wells
  • To allow to produce oil wells commingling from various formations.

  • To avoid “gas lock” in wells with gas/oil ratio.

  • To recover ABD or near ABD wells by rework into Slim Holes and produced with CT

In Gas wells
  • To dewater gas wells

In high volume producers
  • Using a Dual Pump and CT as pumping string

  • To minimize “wear and tear” by pumping at slow speed

  • To optimize the use of beam pumping units

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